Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ambush - Lach! (1994)

German experimental crust. I use the term "crust" loosely, as this is some truly bizarre, druggy heaviness that, in my opinion, has more in common with Melvins than it does with Amebix. The vocals and questionable musicianship say "crust," but the extended walls of droning feedback, noisy delivery, thunderous percussion, hypnotic sludgy-ness, and understanding of subtlety say otherwise. Anyway, who cares, Lach! is dope, and anyone who likes heavy music should shit their pants over "Violeure" - sounds like the vocalist for Contropotere fronting Bullhead-era Melvins.

Track listing:
1. Zebaoth
2. Dumped Back in a Cell in Isolation, Always in Agony
3. Kevorkian's Suicide Machine
4. Rats
5. Violeure
6. Masterpiece
7. Illusions
8. Spallok
9. Birdly
10. Sheep
11. Over the Battlefield
12. Funny Farm in My Body
13. The Pack

Sites of pain

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