Friday, March 7, 2014

Catharsis - Samsara (1997)

Sure, Catharsis was heavily involved with Crimethinc., one of the most notorious havens for white foolishness in the history of the anarchist punk scene (itself a notorious haven for white foolishness). Sure, their vocalist treated their shows as platforms for extended, semi-coherent political rants that bothered and bored everyone. And sure, when other bands were playing, he was known to, in at least one instance, stand at the front with his back to the band, arms crossed, glaring at the audience. Sure. But none of that takes away from the fact that Catharsis' music - metallic hardcore with hints of emoviolence, sludge, and psychedelia - is some of the best to ever come out of the American crust/hardcore underground. Their first LP of two, Samsara is a concept record based entirely on anti-Christian philosophy, and I listened to it probably about 100 times between the ages of 16 and 17.

Because I'm so great, I'm including the awesome, nearly ten-minute "Arsonist's Prayer", which was released as one side of a split EP with Newborn, about whom I know nothing. You're welcome, baby, you know I treat you right.

Track listing:
1. Invocation: One Minute Closer to the Hour of Your Death
2. Exterminating Angel
3. Bow Down
4. Choose Your Heaven
5. Every Man for Himself and God Against Them All
6. Sacred and Profane (The Carnal Prayer Mat)
7. ...In Solitary
8. Pariah
9. Choose Your Heaven
10. The Evolution of Dying
11. I Corinthians 1:18-29

Tu trembles, mon couer? Tu tremlerais davantage, si tu savais oü je te méne.

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  1. ya beat me to the punch. i was going to post this tomorrow... i fucking love catharsis, especially arsonist's prayer. possibly their best song, what a fucking high note to end a career on!