Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lychgate - Lychgate (2013)

Speaking of Lunar Aurora, here's guitarist/vocalist/founding member Aran's current project. Atmospheric, dissonant, dynamic, and punishing, this self-titled LP is a remarkably cohesive, innovative, and all-in-all, very strong debut. The band also includes members of Esoteric, Omega Centauri, and The One.

Track listing:
1. The Inception
2. Resentment
3. Against the Paradoxical Guild
4. In Self Ruin
5. Sceptre to Control the World
6. Intermezzo
7. Triumphalism
8. Dust of a Gun Barrel
9. When Scorn Can Scourge No More

We vomit upon the rudder of imposed destiny


  1. Lissenin now to the pretty damn Lunar Aurora album, so this should go to hell next, but the link is down!!!!

    (you asspain reup serial requester)

    1. I hate dead links, thanks for helping me keep this place up to date. This one's fixed, Vomit Orchestra is uploading as I type this