Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Painkiller - Execution Ground (1994)

The final studio album from the brilliant Painkiller, a trio composed of John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and Mick Harris (of Napalm Death and Scorn). Execution Ground's first disc represents an excellent melding of the freeform jazz-grind that those familiar with their early material might expect, and murky, dissonant dub. The second disc drifts further into the aether with ambient, soundscape-y reinterpretations of two songs from the first. Shrieking saxophone, disjointed drums, inhuman howls, pulsing bass, and samples -- all given a delay- and reverb-heavy dub treatment. Awe-inspiring psychedelic music. This version includes a third disc - a live recording from a show in Osaka - that's more musically in line with their first two records.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Parish of Tama (Ossuary Dub)
2. Morning of Balachaturdasi
3. Pashupatinath
-Disc Two-
1. Pashupatinath Ambient
2. Parish of Tama Ambient
-Disc Three-
1. Gandhamadana
2. Vaidurya
3. Satapitaka
4. Bodkyithangga
5. Black Bile
6. Yellow Bile
7. Blue Bile
8. Crimson Bile
9. Ivory Bile

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  1. No comments for Painkiller? Really? One of the greatest combos of all time. Don't miss letting this one split your skull open people.

  2. Thanks - am on a bit of a Zorn jag currently, and like the sound of this.

  3. Link one is dead, re-post please :)

    1. The link is fixed. Strange, the file was still there but the link wasn't working. Should be good now though.

  4. Man, your blog is awesome! Been looking for Painkiller for years...

  5. Just found this awesome blog today and thank you for all this killer music, especially this one! Scorn is an all time fave. Cheers.

  6. Thanks! Painkiller is one of my favourites Zorn's projects. Great music and great musicians!