Thursday, March 20, 2014

Заводь - Ягна (2011) + Крізь коло і п'ять кутів (2013)

Заводь confuse the shit out of me, starting with the fact that I have no idea how to even begin pronouncing their name. Furthermore, because all of their lyrics are Ukrainian, I have no idea what their politics are, and, when considering Ukrainian black metal, you're more often than not going to run into some racism. So on one end, they have referred to themselves as "blackened crust punk" (RE: crusty album cover), and distance themselves from their Ukrainian black metal peers, calling them "clowns" and alluding to the idea that they are opposed to their political ideologies. On the other end, as of 2011, a member of (prominent sketchy Ukrainian BM band) Astrofaes is their drummer. AND, said member was also in Ungern, who are straight-up, unabashedly racist. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

Regardless, this is really great raw, folk-ish, punk-ish black metal, very much along the same lines of the almighty Horna. Заводь are fully committed to their sound, and there is absolutely no deviation -- no intros, no acoustic interludes, no post- elements -- just pure, black fury.

Track listing:
1. Проклятие
2. Шабаш
3. За Тобой
4. Колопола
5. Гори, Гори, Гори
6. Пусть
7. Голоса
8. Лучше Умереть
9. Утро
-Крізь коло і п'ять кутів-
1. Палаючий...
2. В будинку зоряних вітрів
3. Білі вогні Хаунебу
4. Хрест
5. Содом
6. Єдине, що сповнює шлунок
7. Блуд
8. Вузли із шнурів і щілин
9. Сповна нажерся вже я іменем твоїм
10. Герої ГОА
11. Свято Вогню

I have your name


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have been watching the progression of this war and have been trying to understand the leftist Anarchist values of these areas when applied to such a deep civil history. It seems as though Anarchy has shown itself as vulnerable, especially as it can be manipulated by racist agenda. While the value of Localism stands with that of nationalism, leftist values must secure a place in the footsteps of expression. I have found myself accessing more nationalist Ukrainian BM than Localist or Anarchist music. The most pervasive has been Drudkh, which are firmly nationalist but are confusing to me in that I cannot find translations of their vocals, and their aesthetic appears to be defined by wilderness anonymity . Can you inform me of the notoriety/impiety of this band? I am very glad you have placed this music here to be found by the non-fascist 70% of local anarchists who are not defined by their country, but by their political beliefs.

    1. Hi, Charles. Thanks for your well-considered comment! Due to wording, I can't tell whether you're asking about Заводь or Drudkh. If it's Заводь, then unfortunately, as I said, I know very little -- here's a post on another blog from someone who seems to know more than I:

      If you're asking about Drudkh, I've run into the same stumbling blocks as you. Clearly, there are some nationalist leanings there, but the only translations I've found are of song titles, and they're all about stars/trees/snow/birds/etc. They have direct ties to Hate Forest, who made references to "subhumans" that seemed pretty bad and performed in front of a Sun Wheel, as well as indirect ties to some full-on racist bands. Again, as far as I can tell, no definitive 'proof', but it doesn't look good. I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful -- glad you like the music, though!

  2. Great post about an interesting band. Ukraine certainly has/had some RIDICULOUSLY awesome black metal bands (Lutomysl, Blood Of Kingu, Hate Forest, Ygg, Moloch, Kroda - sometimes they're a little too "symphonic" for my tastes but not always) even if they DO indeed have some NS leanings. I def got into black metal because of the music itself and not necessarily the message, so often times I'm able to overlook the shitty racist message of a few certain bands I listen to on a regular basis (see: Ukraine's Lutomysl, Poland's Severe Storm and Finland's Goatmoon). I guess it all comes down to how much of that particular type of negativity one can put up with, but I think because all of these bands lyrics aren't in English, it doesn't bother me as much as it probably should.

    Anyways, I just discovered your blog about 35 minutes ago and I think it fucking rules. Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff soon. I still listen to my Catharsis "Samsara" disc on a somewhat regular basis. "Everyman For Himself and God Against Them All" still slays after all these years.

    1. Thanks for your contribution - glad you like the blog! I also am able to overlook racist ideologies in my black metal. As long as I can't understand what they're saying, and their artwork's not plastered in swastikas or whatever, then I can listen in blissful ignorance, thinking that maybe all of their songs are about the majesty of nature.

  3. everything makes sense, expecially the fact that ukraine was submitted soo much by the communist soviet regime, and had for example the ukrainian kulaks massacred by communism, that the cannot see any "freedom" in any kind of left wing politics.. so, nationalism has a differet flavour and meaning for them that in other parts of the world.. And still, even the Catalan "revolt", in wich the leaders are really slick in using digital media to pretend it's an antifascist nationalism, in reality has a real authoritarian and capitalist ruling class behind them.....
    So, all is about the music, but the link is... aaarghhh.. down!!!!

    your nailing Lilith