Thursday, March 13, 2014

Skin Chamber - Wound (1991) + Trial (1993)

Ladies and gentleman, Skin! Mother! Fucking! Chaaaaamberrrrrr! Holy shit. They're like a more grueling, unpleasant version of Godflesh, or a more doom metal-oriented version of early Swans, and anyone who likes either of the aforementioned bands, or slow, heavy, difficult music in general, absolutely needs to hear both of these records. Skin Chamber is easily one of the raddest bands that the once-great Illogical Contraption blog (their podcasts are rad, but the blog has been more or less nonexistent since 2011 or something) brought to my attention, and because those links are long dead, I feel that it's practically my duty to re-post them. Spread the pain.

Track listing:
1. Carved in Skin (Apt. 213)
2. Slice of God
3. Sucked Inside
4. Skin Me
5. Mind Grinder
6. In the Sewer of Dreams
7. Burning Power
8. The Nails of Faith
9. Fat Hacker
10. Horde
11. Swollen Underground
12. Swallowing Scrap Metal (Pt. 2)
13. Healing Time
1. On a Drunk
2. Throb
3. Bleached Bones
4. Torturous World
5. Sloven
6. Glisten
7. Slowcrime
8. Trial
9. Swallowing Scrap Metal (Pt. 5)



  1. Also check out controlled bleeding for some difficult industrial noise. I believe one of the guys is from that band.

  2. Hey, nice blog you've got here! Thanks for the Ill Con shoutout! ;-)

  3. "a more grueling, unpleasant version of Godflesh"

    Oh, yes yesss!