Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mickey Newbury - A Long Road Home (2002)

Tearjerking country from sadly departed country great Mickey Newbury. A Long Road Home is the last album that Newbury completed before his death in September of 2002, and his preoccupation with mortality and half-bitter, misty-eyed retrospection certainly gives the listener the impression that he knew that it might be his final musical statement. His gentle picking and quavering voice are given a lush backdrop of violin, cello, synthesizer, banjo, mandolin, piano, and ethereal backing vocals. While all of the songs are strong, the real gems here are the over 10-minute-long first and penultimate tracks, each of which is an incredible showcase of weatherbeaten, downcast, big-hearted, bittersweet songwriting.

Track listing:
1. In '59
2. I Don't Love You
3. The Last Question (In the Dead of the Night)
4. Here Comes the Rain, Baby
5. One More Song of Hearts and Flowers
6. A Moment with Heather
7. Where Are You Darlin' Tonight
8. So Sad
9. Maybe
10. A Long Road Home
11. 116 Westfield Street

Hoist the sails, Bud, to hell with the breeze
Prayed for a wind that will bend every tree
And a storm that will bring every man to his knee
Here's to the howlin' sea
Here's to tomorrow, and here's to today
Here's to whatever I never could say
Here's to the piper, the bastard's been paid

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