Sunday, March 2, 2014

Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue (2006)

Started as a side-project for members of Incantation, Profanatica was one of America's first black metal bands. They broke up in '92, then reformed sometime in the mid aughts. The Enemy of Virtue compiles pretty much all of their pre-breakup releases, plus some unreleased studio and live material. Filthy, lo-fi blasphemy. Profanatica are one of those bands that never say anything openly racist (on record, anyway), but have a way of unnecessarily pointing out that Jesus was a Jew that makes me uncomfortable. Because I'm lazy, you can find the track listing here.

Lungs of hell, burn the heavens

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  1. Thanks! Filling up gaps in my collection as a gig is coming up ... will be pleased to spend money on their merch! 666!!!