Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today Is the Day - Today Is the Day (1996)

Today Is the Day, an ever-changing cast of musicians rotating around central member Steve Austin, is one of the most truly vicious, singular musical entities of our time. Their third album, Today Is the Day was their first to feature keyboards, a development that helped them to find the dense, disorienting, hallucinatory atmosphere that has accompanied their punishing, math-y, sludge-y noise metal ever since. Be warned: it gets really fucking psychotic towards the end. I get the feeling that if Austin hadn't started Today Is the Day, he would have been a prolific serial killer.

Track listing:
1. Kai Piranha
2. Marked
3. Bugs Death March
4. A Man of Science
5. Realization
6. Black Iron Prison
7. Mountain People
8. Ripped Off
9. The Tragedy
10. She Is in Fear of Death
11. I Love My Woman
12. Dot Matrix
13. Hands and Knees
14. Pipe Dream Zero

This is my life
I can't be changed
You can't win

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