Friday, February 21, 2014

Brenoritvrezorkre - Vèrmyaprèb (1995), Nèvgzérya (1995), + Vasagraèbe éakr vatrè brenoritvrezorkre (1996)

Three psychotic demos by Brenoritvrezorkre, one of the finest projects associated with Les Légions Noires, a French black metal/dark ambient horde who, during the mid-90s, released countless limited cassette demos through a seemingly endless number of incestuous, perplexingly named bands and projects. Supremely deranged black metal full of knotty, dissonant guitars, ghostly rasps and howls, and almost completely indecipherable, off-kilter drums. As should be expected, it's all totally blown-out and lo-fi to the point of absurdity. To the ears of black metal nerds, these demos are invaluable gifts from the Dark Lord Himself; to everyone else's ears, they are utter dogshit.

Track listing:
1. Eápr Govépèrv
2. Borarp!
3. Voarmérpébre Uatr Vèrmyapre
4. Tsaévarya Vèrmyaprèb
5. Favoapr Uatr Zuflebre Oatr Bouarvtre Blehrurb
6. Eamkl Uatre Bervétrèmdre...
1. Voarmtre Zuèrkl Ndearbe
2. Tsaévarya Zurgtapre
3. Ezlèybdrèb Zuèrkl Bèrvétrèmdre
4. Morvbtre Urvdrèm Dlèfme
5. Abgvatrèb
6. Eamkl Eèpreb Dzélyambre
7. Abgzvoryatre Urvdrèm Dlèfme
8. Abgvatrèb
9. Nèvgzérya
-Vasagraèbe éakr vatrè brenoritvrezorkre-
1. Aaprab Vergz Varbadre
2. Eakre Uatre Zurgtapre
3. Berv Tre Mve
4. Vermyapre Zuerkle Uatre
5. Kloarbe Vurtrue Zuerkle Goebtre
6. Uatr Borvuatre Zuerkle Droer

I died from a vampiric grief


  1. Thanks for this, I dig Mutilation,Vlad tepes, Moevet,etc.. Have not heard these demos though. Drinking coffee,listening to Ernest Tubb right now, these demos should be a good/bad wake up call.

    1. Yes! All those bands are great, and if you like them, you'll DEFINITELY like this.

  2. Huge fan of Brenortvrezorkre! Yeah, for me, having found my perfect sounds in the late-80's with weird metal (Celtic Frost, Voivod) and NY noise rock / post-punk (Rat At Rat R, Live Skull, Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Pussy Galore), this just sounded like that stuff all mixed together and then burned in effigy. I'm pretty sure the 'drums' are made with the microphone being used as a drum stick on a pillow or seat cushion. I love it when it cancels out everything else - brimstone psychedelics.

  3. I've tried to download this twice but each time the Vasagraèbe éakr vatrè brenoritvrezorkre folder was empty. Do you think you could re-upload that one? Thanks for all the great posts by the way.

    1. I'm having the same problem. Kind of weird. Fascinating stuff regardless, but I do wish the rest were here...

    2. Oh shit, my bad, I forgot to take care of this. I have a new folder uploading right now, should be posted in the next few minutes. Let me know if you're still having problems

    3. Perfect! Thank you!

  4. BM/noise fiends and assorted geeks reading this in 2019: You may want to check out the wikipedia article for a comprehensive who's who on Les Légions Noires: --PC