Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lætitia Sadier - The Trip (2010)

Lætitia Sadier (of Stereolab)'s first solo album. As one might expect, most of these songs would sound right at home on a Stereolab record, but much of the sonic clutter of that band has been cleared out, leaving space at front and center for Sadier's exquisite vocals and evocative lyrics. For me, the album highlight is the haunting, poetic "Statues Can Bend", whose lyrics I've excerpted in the DL link below. Also included is an uptempo cover version of Wendy and Bonnie's illusive, bittersweet "By the Sea".

Track listing:
1. One Million Year Trip
2. Fluid Sand
3. Our Interests Are the Same
4. Natural Child
5. Statues Can Bend
6. By the Sea
7. Unfasten
8. Un Soir, Un Chien
9. Another Monster
10. Ceci Est le Coeur
11. Summertime
12. Release, Open Your Little Earthling Hands

The wind is blowing through
Stripping the many colored lights
Dissipate into oblivion
Mirrored infinite
Unadulterated light
Rejoining the starry night
Who knows but doesn't speak


  1. Your blog is great. thank you & keep on.

  2. Fantastic. Comes off to my ear as sort of like a female Scott Walker circa Bisch Bosch. Not as weird as that album, but similar in its spare presentation and perfectly odd arrangements. Brilliant post, thank you.

    1. Ha, interesting, I never would have made that connection, but I can see what you mean. Glad you like the album. Thanks for being the most consistent commenter on here!

    It's the vast spectrum of sounds and your acute and concise reviews that keep me interested. Curious we've not seen any Jandek here. Perhaps he's too obvious a choice? In that oddball "Maybe it's genuine, maybe it's cloying, maybe I'm just seeing how weird I can be or maybe I really am this weird" enigmatic manner of his.

    Whatever, any blog that can boast Gary Numan, Eberhard Weber, Constance Demby, Joe Henderson and any number of deathcore mutants in the same room is going to grab my attention every time. Thanks for what you do.