Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Entrance - Prayer of Death (2006)

One of the great modern psych rock records. Thick, bluesy riffs, wah-wah leads, violins, organ, sitar, and vocalist/guitarist/bandleader Guy Blakelee shredding his vocal chords at the center of it all. Prayer of Death demands to be played loud, preferably on an oppressively hot day like today, and, ideally, in a car that's hurtling toward the coast.

Track listing:
1. Grim Reaper Blues
2. Silence on a Crowded Train
3. Requiem for Sandy Bull (R.I.P.)
4. Valium Blues
5. Pretty Baby
6. Prayer of Death
7. Lost in the Dark
8. Never Be Afraid!

I want to die without no fear
I want to die rejoicing
I want to meet my brother there
And hear his glorious voice sing

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