Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pure Bathing Culture - Moon Tides (2013)

Well, the heatwave continues here in Portland, OR, which means that I'm probably going to the river again. Sometimes, life is a pretty sweet fruit. And for the ride there, it's gonna be Portland's own Pure Bathing Culture. It's not just the name -- although that can't hurt -- it's the shimmering guitars, the gently propulsive rhythms, the synth washes, vocalist Sarah Versprille's angelic but distinct delivery, and the overall laid-back, nature-friendly vibes that all seem to say, "Go, get a nice buzz going and take a dip."

Track listing:
1. Pendulum
2. Dream the Dare
3. Evergreener
4. Twins
5. Only Lonely Lovers
6. Scotty
7. Seven 2 One
8. Golden Girl
9. Temples of the Moon

You will become


  1. I've seen in other posts that it seems you work at a used record store in Portland or maybe have in the past. I doubt you would want to give away the information, but I live in Portland and would love to visit the store that has so many of these great records.

    1. Yeah, I'd rather not say, for various reasons, sorry. Maybe shoot me an email?