Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pure Bathing Culture - Moon Tides (2013)

Well, the heatwave continues here in Portland, OR, which means that I'm probably going to the river again. Sometimes, life is a pretty sweet fruit. And for the ride there, it's gonna be Portland's own Pure Bathing Culture. It's not just the name -- although that can't hurt -- it's the shimmering guitars, the gently propulsive rhythms, the synth washes, vocalist Sarah Versprille's angelic but distinct delivery, and the overall laid-back, nature-friendly vibes that all seem to say, "Go, get a nice buzz going and take a dip."

Track listing:
1. Pendulum
2. Dream the Dare
3. Evergreener
4. Twins
5. Only Lonely Lovers
6. Scotty
7. Seven 2 One
8. Golden Girl
9. Temples of the Moon

You will become

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