Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sabbat - Envenom (1991)

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Sabbat - The Dwelling (1996)

First full-length from Japanese black/thrash outfit Sabbat. It's raw and evil, but there's a hint of fist-pumping butt rock chug to some of the riffs, so it's more fun than it is dark.

Track listing:
1. Bewitch
2. Satan Bless You
3. Evil Nations
4. Devil Worship
5. Reek of Cremation
6. Deathtemptation
7. King of Hell
8. The Sixth Candle - Eviler
9. Carcassvoice
10. Dead March
11. Black Fire
12. Reminiscent Bells

I devour the charred flesh
Oblivious to life
You're beyond death

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