Monday, July 14, 2014

Korallreven - An Album by Korallreven (2011)

Damn, I wish that chilled out, hazy, 80s-referencing electropop was still trendy, I was so about it. This is, to date, Korallreven's only full-length, and it's one of the high-water marks of this largely abandoned microgenre. Plastic reggae doesn't get much better than "Honey Mine".

Track listing:
1. As Young as Yesterday
2. Sa Sa Samoa
3. The Truest Faith
4. Keep Your Eyes Shut
5. Loved-Up
6. Comin' Closer
7. Pago Pago
8. Honey Mine
9. A Surf on Endorphins
10. Comin' Down

Wrap your arms

If you like this, check out Tropics - Parodia Flare (2011)


  1. This is really awesome! Who else is in this micro genre?

    1. Off the top of my head, aside from Tropics, who I linked above, I can think of Warm Ghost, Processory, Baths, Blouse, Chromatics, and Radio Dept. I'm lumping together a bunch of bands who don't necessarily have a lot to do with one another, but I'd put 'em all on the same mix, you know?