Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Disavowed - Perceptive Deception (2001)

Brutal death metal. Tremolo picked riffs over blasts, chug-chug riffs over Suffo-blasts, and brief midtempo breakdowns, with a growling vocalist whose lyrics forgo the expected descriptions of gory, sexually-charged violence in favor of quasi-philosophical, semi-coherent, grammatically unsound word salad. 100% free of dynamics, variance, or any other form of compromise.

Track listing:
1. Rhizome
2. Abolition of Impediment
3. Reason Rejected
4. Condensed Conditions
5. Masses Conformed
6. Unfolding Disposition
7. Generative Patterns
8. Critical Emulation
9. Opposite Extremities

To be objective is a primary priority
In order to determinate the importance of matter involved
Condensed conditions, a fixed objective can lead to convenience
Criticism will be obsolete

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