Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sergius Golowin - Lord Krishna Von Goloka (1973)

An interesting piece of ritualistic German psychedelia. Organic instruments, such as guitars, flutes, and hand drums are offset by keyboards, electronics, and SFX that grant the otherwise pastoral sounds a heavily cosmic atmosphere. Over this, Golowin sporadically recites incantations in German. It's pretty far out there.

Track listing:
1. Der Reigen
2. Die Weisse Alm
3. Die Hoch-Zeit

The high celebration

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  1. Pretty trippy stuff! I found this description written by a guy who posted the album on Youtube:

    "The album was actually another pet project of German music maven R.U. Kaiser, the second in a series of Kosmische Musik collaborations after the hot mess of ASH RA TEMPEL's erratic "Seven Up" trip, alongside Timothy Leary. None of the music here was composed in a traditional sense. Instead, the album offers several long, more or less free-form instrumental meditations, improvised by the usual Cosmic Rock superstars (KLAUS SCHULZE; the WITTHÜSER & WESTRUPP duo; Jürgen Dollase and Jerry Berkers of WALLENSTEIN, so forth), with the 43-year old Golowin hired to orate a series of devotional soliloquies over the results."

    Thanks for the share. Your blog is awesome.