Thursday, May 4, 2017

William Hoskins ‎– Galactic Fantasy - Eastern Reflections (1979)

Abstract, often quite intense, 100% synth explorations of the outer limits by William Hoskins, a professor at Jacksonville University. Came across this rare-ass LP, which came with the outrageously low price tag of 25 cents, buried in a pile of old, boring classical box sets -- total fucking score.

Track listing:
1. Overture: Stars Are Suns
2. Intermezzo: Interplanetary Communique
3. Star Nocturne
4. Scherzo: Comets
5. Beyond Beyond
6. Prolog: Theme and Variation
7. Lower Heterophonie
8. Song: Open Skies
9. Drum Chime
10. Upper Heterophonie
11. Epilog: Processional

Corridors of time

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  1. Yikes, not sure what to say about this one: it's drifty, sparse & brilliant. Guess that was one lucky quarter you spent.