Monday, May 29, 2017

Halgrath - Liquid Mind (2010)

Mesmerizing, ethereal darkwave/dark ambient from Russian musician/legit opera singer Ekaterina Alexandrova. Cosmic synth drones, samples, and haunting, emotive vocals.

Track listing:
1. Shaaman's Prarie
2. Irae Seithoria
3. Euphoria
4. Her Winter of Loneliness
5. Deep Underwater Darkest Tale
6. Spiral Path
7. Metal Scream
8. Whisper of the Mental Hypnosis
9. Dark Liquid Mind
10. Palace of the Lustful Lord

Memorizing the dead planet on the edge of the galaxy

Kinda like a cross between these two records:
Lycia - The Burning Circle
and Then Dust
Jocelyn Pook -
Deluge (1997)

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