Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ingrowing - Cyberspace (1998)

Kickass Czech death metal. Don't let the amazing 90s-futuristic artwork fool you: this sounds nothing like Fear Factory. There are no crappy industrial flourishes, just burly riffs, high-and-low growls, pinch-harmonics, and pogo breakdowns that will have you treating your surroundings like they're Napster and you're Lars Ulrich.

Track listing:
1. Underture
2. Cyberspace Floats Through Me
3. Tourettized
4. Polyaanghuulaar Dereeems
5. Sunken
6. Surreal Ego Ravening
7. We Create Another Future
8. Sexual Inferiority
9. Mournful Dejection
10. Synergy 0.29
11. Perpetual

The sleeping micro-worlds are spinning 'round each other
Dreaming about lysergic wisdom

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