Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Caducity - The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (1995)

Belgian death metal. Kick-ass old-school brutality with nerdy sci-fi themes and the occasional keyboard and clean guitar passage. It's straight-up absurd how underrated this record and band are.

Track listing:
1. Entry: Thus Begins Our Fair Journey
2. Vision for the Morrigan (Praseodymium)
3. The Whimsical Crafts of Enchantment
4. Strength of Druid Fire
5. Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part I: The Sorcery of Chaos Hanzwarin); Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part II: Savouring of the Tricorn Flesh)
6. Gymbrea's Enriching Wisdom (Part III: The Spirits of Crystallyne Faith)
7. With a Dragon's Blaze on Their Banners
8. Civilization of Darklightborne Degradation
9. Aedrio Leriaon (Interweaving the Power)
10. The Witches' Desire
11. So Fair Our Fate, So Sad Our Loneliness (Perfidious in Its Divinity)
12. Impassible Are the Amber Runes of Silken Illusion
13. Let the Soulcrusher Speak... Again

"Dost thou know the Powerwords?
If it is thine wish to pass my world in your journey to the Highest of Places, thou shalt need them.
I need the Powerwords and your right hand as a sacrifice to appease me."

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  1. Cool. I dig the thematic thing happening here. Interested parties might want to check out Zeal and Ardor's new one, Devil Is Fine, for a similar construct, telling a story of black history in the U.S. via black metal. An early contender for 2017 best of lists, to these ears. Thanks for the post.