Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Beat of the Earth - This Record Is an Artistic Statement (1968)

Waaay out-there US psych rock. Two long, unstructured, borderline-cacophonous jams by some dudes who were clearly out of their fucking minds on acid and weed, complete with one of them ramble-singing about the children playing and tomorrow being the day of love and shit. An aural overdose on 60s psychedelia.

Track listing:
1. Beat of the Earth
2. Beat of the Earth

I see right through you, too

More stoned-ass hippy jams:
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Psychedelic Underground (1968)
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A Meditation Mass (1974)


  1. wow crazy stuff! Thank you for posting so many rare finds, i have you on my 2 blogrolls

  2. This is great to listen to whilst hungover as fuck. Really ties the room together.