Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grinder - Dawn for the Living (1988)

Kickass German thrash. Very few frills, even less dynamics, hella riffs, killer solos.

Track listing:
1. Obsession
2. Dawn for the Living
3. Sinners Exile
4. Magician
5. Frenzied Hatred
6. Dying Flesh
7. Delirium
8. Traitor
9. F.O.A.D.

A bit more violent
A lot more mean

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  1. Wrong kinda "thread" but...

    do any 1 now somthing bout mortuusinsomnis 777 ?

    gone again...

    1. I have no direct knowledge, but it's definitely not the first time mortuus has been deleted. Probably just got too many copyright complaints. I'm 99.99% confident it'll be back

  2. Mortuus disappeared again?