Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mörker - Skuggornas Rike (2006)

Melodic Swedish black metal. If I had to say what makes Mörker stand out, I might say something about the keyboards being placed at the forefront more often than most of their peers, or their seamless incorporation of acoustic guitars for dynamic. However, the truth is that Mörker make no effort to be anything but traditional, and their ability to tap into the purest strains of second-wave black metal is their greatest strength.

Track listing:
1. En Dunkel Färd
2. Skuggornas Rike
3. Blodbad - Kristendomens Intåg
4. Dyster Tid
5. Evig Vinter
6. Naturen Döljer Alla Spår
7. Kalla Vindar Ger Oss Kraft
8. Tidlös Värld
9. Slaget Om Norden Del II
10. Livets Ände
11. Mot Dödens Portar
12. Outro

The ones of light will die by my sword

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