Saturday, February 18, 2017

James Bernard - Atmospherics (1994)

Trance-inducing ambient-synth pieces by UK producer James Bernard. Textural, lushly layered synths, distorted snippets of dialogue, and an echoing, delay-heavy feel that might remind some of ye olde dub-electro.

Track listing:
1. Euph
2. Complete Nonsense
3. Helix
4. Phosphorous
5. Mars Rain
6. Lost in It
7. FM
8. Odyssey
9. Genetic Experiment


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  1. This is fantastic, thanks for posting. Do you have any more of this guy's ambient stuff, cheers phil

  2. Hey there! Thank you so much for the time you take with this blog, I have been introduced to much fine material which was completely new to me. Just one thing: with regards to this post, I think it may be down sadly - as when I try the link it can't find the page. Could you possibly repost, please? Best wishes to you from Manchester, UK.

    1. Hey there, glad I could point you in the direction of some good stuff. The link is working fine for me, maybe try it again and let me know if it's still not working?

  3. This just made my night. I've yet to hear a release I didn't absolutely love from this label.