Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gnawed - Fissures (2013)

Anxiety-ridden US industrial/power electronics. As opposed to the ear-shattering, everything-in-the-red-always sounds that one might expect, Fissures has an ominous, slow-burning feel. Can't sleep, hoping that putting on some headphones and blasting this shit will overpower my anxiety/brain, rendering me unconscious. Pay what you will via bandcamp.

If you're in Portland, OR, go to this show on the 19th.

Track listing:
1. Make You See
2. Shut
3. Overrun
4. Digger
5. Guilt
6. Standing
7. Fissures
8. Drift

Exactly who I am

Brighter Death Now -
The Slaughterhouse (1991)
Archon Satani -
Virgin Birth... (Born Again) (1991)

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  1. Nice one, must give this a shot - your description's bringing to mind latter-day Sutcliffe Jugend.