Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Duncan Browne - Give Me Take You (1968)

Debut LP of ornate psychedelic folk from criminally underrated British singer-songwriter Duncan Browne. Sleepy, sweetly downcast songs sung with an endearing gentleness, and colored by harp, harpsichord, clarinet, strings, lushly layered backing vocals, and more. One of my absolute favorite folk rock records.

Track listing:
1. Give Me Take You
2. Ninepence Worth of Walking
3. Dwarf in a Tree (A Cautionary Tale)
4. The Ghost Walks
5. Waking You, Pt. 1
6. Chloe in the Garden
7. Waking You, Pt. 2
8. On the Bombsite
9. I Was, You Weren't
10. Gabilan
11. Alfred Bell
12. The Death of Neil

With the turn of a page, he returns to the days of his youth
In his mind, he forgets the difference 'twixt fiction and truth

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  1. Not sure how to express my appreciation for the blog, but I hope you'll
    enjoy this recommendation:

    CAM AM des PUIG "Book of AM" (Spanish Hippy Psy Folk with Daevid Allen of Gong)


    Thanks, man!