Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rex Holman - Here in the Land of Victory (1970)

First-rate psychedelic folk rock. Lush, organic instrumentation, subtly diverse songwriting, and surreal lyrics colored by Holman's deep vibrato. Imagine a psychedelic Fred Neil, maybe.

Track listing:
1. Here in the Land of Victory
2. Pink Lemonade
3. Rowin'
4. Today Is Almost Here
5. Listen to the Footsteps
6. Red Is the Apple
7. Sit and Flatter Me
8. Copper Kettles
9. Come On Down
10. Debbie
11. The Chosen One
12. I Can't Read My Name

Chandelier falling on the chair made of dust
Dust made of perfume, petals, and lust
Crimson tiara in a bed of May wine
Queen of the heart and all of it mine
Red is the apple, sparkle and shine

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