Saturday, July 25, 2015

Råg I Ryggen - Råg I Ryggen (1975)

Heavy Swedish prog of the highest order. The perfect mix of groove-y, almost Sabbath-y riffs, synth and guitar noodling, and high-minded prog art. If you haven't heard this yet: you're welcome.

Track listing:
1. Det Kan Väl Inte Vara Farligt
2. You Know It Ain't Easy
3. Spångaforsens Brus
4. Jan Banan
5. Naked Man
6. Queen of Darkness
7. Sanningsserum

You mistreat me

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  1. I'd say it sounds more like Iron Maiden than Sabbath (only just started on the first song, so that might change) ...pretty good so far though!

  2. wow! thanks for the intro - this one will be getting a few good blasts in the coming week!