Saturday, July 4, 2015

David Torn - Cloud About Mercury (1987)

Mark Isham - Castalia (1988)
Michael Shrieve - Stiletto (1989)

One of my top-ten ECM records, easy. Pulsing synths, exotic instrumentation, soaring guitars, tribal percussion, and other things that the old me would have hated, but present-day me goes apeshit for. Speaking of me, I'm going camping, so bye.

Track listing:
1. Suyafhu Skin... Snapping the Hollow Reed
2. The Mercury Grid
3. Three Minutes of Pure Entertainment
4. Previous Man
5. Network of Sparks, a) The Delicate Code
6. Network of Sparks, b) Egg Learns to Walk... Suyafhu Seal

Warrior horsemen of the spirit thundering over hills of doubt to a place of hope


  1. This is a fantastic Torn record to post, everyone who hasn't heard it should grab it asap. The old fella's still on top form, having released a storming guitar & FX apocalypse mere weeks ago - I highly recommend:

  2. You have astounding music taste/collection. This is a gold mine for a crate digger like me. Many thanks and blessings!

  3. Never heard of this guy but if a crate digger likes it then shit, I'm in, Rory, Dublin