Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sarah Hopkins & Alan Lamb - Sky Song (1985)

Haunting, etherial, collaborative pieces from composer/musicians Alan Lamb and Sarah Hopkins. Woozily euphoric drones and cello account for the core sound. Maybe it's the drugs talking, but I consider Sky Song as the aural equivalent to a human body melting into a cloud of mist that hangs over a clear sea.

Track listing:
1. The Winds of Heaven
2. Sky Song
3. Cello Chi
4. Mirages
5. Flight of the Wild Goose
6. New Journey

Ascension for protection

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  1. Exquisite. Anything else to recommend from Hopkins or Lamb? This is headphone mandatory for erasing a crap week or accommodating a transcontinental flight. Hearty thanks.

    1. Hopkins has a collab with Steve Roach (<3) and David Hudson called "Australia: Sound of the Earth". It's good but there's more didgeridoo than I'd like. Lamb has an album called "Primal Image" that was recorded in the late 80s and released in '95, and it's awesome, but pretty different from this -- way darker, industrial even.

  2. Blogs like this are a dying breed. Thanks for the consistently interesting shares. Even when it's not my thing I like to at least listen to something different.

  3. Agree with anon. above. Great blog/post. Was unaware that Lamb did any sort of collaborating. Thanks.

  4. Been looking for this release for a long while! Thanks for the amazing selection. I'm working my way back in time and very much enjoying so many discoveries and items that we once in my hands but slipped away.

    Did you hear Lamb's "Night Passage"? That's been essential listening for me since the days of discovery via the DroneOn list in the late 90s. https://www.discogs.com/Alan-Lamb-Original-Masters-Night-Passage/release/176430

    -- sppz

  5. The world needs more of this and less politicians. We screwed up somewhere.