Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nekrasov - Extinction (2010)

Austrian solo black metal with elements of dark ambient and noise. Hyperspeed blasts, tremolo picking, and distorted howls plunge headlong into extended sections of droning blackened noise. Plus, there's a Man Is the Bastard reference to let you know that Nekrasov is down.

Track listing:
1. We Are Just an Indifferent Interpretation of the Black Plague
2. Disillusion
3. Matter Is the Bastard
4. Void into Nonvoid
5. Pre-Fetal Non-Mantra
6. Chant the Name of God in a Thousand Languages Until All Is Blood and Feces
7. No Room for Liberation Found 'Here' or 'Now'
8. Extinction

Black space expansion

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