Friday, January 9, 2015

Tír na nÓg - Tír na nÓg (1971)

Great first LP from this Irish folk rock duo. Delicately picked acoustic guitars and gentle harmonized vocals, with hints of psychedelia dancing in the periphery. Lyrical concerns include seagulls, flowers, fairies, elves, cows, and milk.

Track listing:
1. Time Is Like a Promise
2. Mariner Blues
3. Daisy Lady
4. Tír na nÓg
5. Aberdeen Angus
6. Looking Up
7. Boat Song
8. Our Love Will Not Decay
9. Hey Friend
10. Dance of Years
11. Live a Day
12. Piccadilly
13. Dante

When you're looking up
I see the sun's reflection in your dark blue eyes


  1. Oh, man, this thing is so f'in good. My copy up and disappeared a few months ago, so I'm stoked to get it replaced. Bless you, fair shrew...

  2. Love this! Absolutely wonderful