Monday, January 5, 2015

Heldon - Electronic Guerilla (1974)

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Debut album from this stellar French electro-prog outfit. Warm, fuzzy synthesizers, oscillations, and grainy, lush guitars. I've been stuck in a Minneapolis airport for the past 10 hours -- it's -9 degrees out BTW -- and this is helping me to stave off total physical and mental collapse.

Track listing:
1. Zind
2. Back to Heldon
3. Northernland Lady
4. Ouais, Marchais, Mieux Qu'en 68 (Ex : Le Voyageur)
5. Circulus Vitiosus
6. Ballade Pour Puig Antich, Révolutionnaire Assassiné En Espagne

Cries of the electronic baby

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  1. THANKS DUDE! Been looking forward to hearing this one! Nice back to back with the rip of Electronic Guerilla-Bootleg I got from MutantSounds