Friday, January 16, 2015

Eleven Tigers - Clouds Are Mountains (2010)

Bass-heavy, stuttering beats under the cover of drifting, textural synths/keyboards/other (really, I have no idea how music and sounds like this are created) and, intermittently, heavily processed vocals and samples. An alluringly spaced-out album, mixed as a single, nonstop experience, that rewards close, repeated listening.

Track listing:
1. Open Mirror
2. Made Of
3. Songs for You
4. Couldn't
5. Thesis
6. Frozen Wheel
7. Stood Up
8. Flux
9. Atomic Turnip
10. Sparkles
11. With a Little Patience
12. Forever
13. Stableface
14. There Will Be Time



  1. this is lovely. thanks. I'm going to buy it.

  2. Still working backwards through some recent posts. This album is great. Mellow yet frantic at the same time.