Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Tears - Here Come the Tears (2005)

The Tears were Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, the main creative forces behind Suede's landmark first two records, and this record represents what is likely to be the closest we'll get to a reunion of that original lineup. I refuse to contribute any more speculation to the internet ether regarding the strained relationship between these two musicians. I will simply say that Here Come the Tears is a phenomenal record of glittering, glam rock-infused Britpop that, much like those first two Suede records, hovers directly above the thin line between opulence and glamour.

Track listing:
1. Refugees
2. Autograph
3. Co-Star
4. Imperfection
5. The Ghost of You
6. Two Creatures
7. Lovers
8. Fallen Idol
9. Brave New Century
10. Beautiful Pain
11. The Asylum
12. Apollo 13
13. A Love as Strong as Death

When you appear
I'll stick to your teeth


  1. A great album - like you I think Suede's first 2 albums were incredible. Dog Man Star is still one of my fave albums

    1. I love those first two records, and "Bloodsports" is pretty fantastic, too, but I only recently found out about this one. It's like a lost Suede record -- so great!