Saturday, January 24, 2015

Edgar Froese - Aqua (1974)

Very sad to hear about the passing of Edgar Froese. In honor of this influential, phenomenally talented artist, let's take a dive into the deep, haunting waters of his solo debut. Mr. Froese, thank you for a lifetime's worth of synth-based bliss.

Track listing:
1. Aqua
2. Panorphelia
3. NGC 891
4. Upland



  1. Sad loss. Tangerine Dream are phenomenal

  2. A great loss indeed. This is a brilliant album; Epsilon and Ages also personal favourites.

  3. Just went to the flea market and picked up Tangerine Dream's Sorcerer soundtrack for a dollar. Diggin' it, new to this stuff, so thanks for this.

  4. @Daniel:

    Good find. Check out the movie, featuring Roy Scheider if you can.


    Thank you for honoring Mr. Froese here. It's impossible to calculate his influence on popular music. I've only ever owned the Sorcerer OST and Stratosfear, but my regard for the man and the band run much deeper than that meager accounting implies. Blessings.

  5. I think my first exposure to Tangerine Dream was on the Risky Business OST. At the time I didnt really take it in (being somewhat distracted by Ms De Mornay). Years later I heard Phaedra, Rubicon and Thru Metamorpic Rock on an ambient compilation and they sounded i knew the music before i heard it.