Monday, January 19, 2015

Vesania - God the Lux (2005)

Polish Symphonic black metal. God the Lux has a precise, punishing sound that, when backed by the ambience of keyboard choirs and the like, reads almost as industrial. Could do without the 20+ minutes of silence before the last track -- due to a derpy desire to make the album 60 minutes and 66 seconds, which apparently no one told them is actually 61 minutes and 6 seconds -- and their promo pics, for that matter.

Track listing:
1. Rest in Pain
2. Posthuman Kind
3. Lumen Clamosum
4. God the Lux
5. Synchroscheme
6. Phosphorror
7. Lumen Funestum
8. The Mystery
9. Fireclipse
10. Lumen Coruscum
11. Legions Are Me
12. Inlustra Nigror

Spaces drowning in nothingness


  1. i'm your black metal torment now... link expired here too!!!


    1. All the link you requested have been re-upped, enjoy