Monday, January 12, 2015

Auburn Lull - Alone I Admire (1999)

Shimmering guitars, brushed drums, hypnotic basslines, and barely-there vocals, all positively drenched in reverb. Alone I Admire is one of my very favorite records of its kind, as it creates an instantly familiar atmosphere while defying easy categorization. It's too formless to be dream pop, too weightless to be shoegaze, and too massive to be slowcore. While I was on  a particularly unpleasant tour in '07, this was my go-to "drown out the sounds of punk parties and fall asleep drunk" record.

Track listing:
1. Stockard Drive
2. Desert
3. Old Mission
4. Blur My Thoughts Again
5. Early Evening Reverie
6. The Last Beat
7. Tidal
8. Between Trains
9. Finland Station
10. Untitled

November's long shadows

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