Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Negură Bunget - Om (2006)

The Holy Grail of Romanian black metal. Epic in scope and delivery, with a dynamic, seemingly limitless pool of sounds and musical ideas, Om gives the impression of having been channeled into our world via Negură Bunget from some unknowable, beautiful, sorrowful realm. I have, while higher than I am now, suggested that Om might be the #1 greatest black metal album, period, and though I don't really believe that, it certainly deserves consideration among the pantheon of greats. Like, it's definitely in the top 50.

Track listing:
1. Ceasuri Rele
2. fiesarul De Lumini
3. Primul Om
4. Conoas Terea Tãcutã
5. Inarborat
6. Dedesuptul
7. Norilor
8. De Piatrã
9. Cel Din Urmã Vis
10. Hora Soarelui
11. Al Doilea Om

The second human


  1. Not.
    ''The Holy Grail of Romanian black metal'' like you said,only can be Vokodlok - Unchain the Wolf.
    From Serbia.

    1. Hey there, Anon who's never gonna read this. I finally got around to listening to Unchain the Wolf, and it's really great raw melodic black metal. Love it. BUT I'd definitely still say that Om has a much stronger claim to that title.

  2. Great stuff. Sent me down the rabbit-hole looking for the rest of their albums. I don't suppose you have their 'N Crugu Bradului album, do you?
    Thanks either way...and keep up the amazing work!!

    1. https://mega.nz/#!wXAk0bwC!9-CNmy5NEhApXE-vr5eBxITy-BBSuSD5GLkchAk8G8s

  3. Thanks!!
    You're truly doing the (dark) Lord's work.