Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kitaro - Oasis (1979)

Synth-y new age bliss. Managed to pick myself up a nice case of acute bronchitis in Minneapolis, and am now attempting to simulate happiness using music and codeine cough syrup. Good night, sweet blogosphere.

Track listing:
1. Morning Prayer (Asa No Inori, Rising Sun)
2. Moro-Rism
3. New Wave (Aratanaru Tabiji)
4. Cosmic Energy (Uchu Enerugii)
5. Eternal Spring (Inochi No Izumi, Aqua)
6. Moonlight
7. Shimmering Horizon (Hikari To Kage)
8. Fragrance of Nature (Shizen No Kaori)
9. Innocent People (Mujaki)
10. Oasis

Dawn of the astral


  1. Wow what beautiful artwork. This is a classic electronic album NOT new age artificial sweetener, well IMHO that is.
    Btw as a sideline I think Innocent People had a hidden meaning as the title surely doesn't fit the dreamy,zen flow of the other track titles. I believe at one point in Kitaro's life his girlfriend/wife's father was connected to the Japanese Yakuza which is essential on par with the Italian mafia but they serve green tea to their victims. Hence the title of the track. Nonetheless thanks for sharing this gem!

    1. Hey, the two (progressive electronic + New Age) aren't mutually exclusive. There's lots of phenomenal New Age music that has absolutely nothing to with the crappy Yanni-style muzak that most people picture when they hear that phrase.

  2. Your correct Yanni and a few other n/a musicians really f'ed up the whole point of the music which was inner reflection, progressive electronic and a world away from pop sensibilities. The new age term became its own worst marketing nightmare once the true meaning of the music became a "nu" hippie sales platform....