Thursday, January 22, 2015

Underdark - I Am Above All (2006)

Raging Ukranian black metal. I Am Above All is pretty generic -- glacial, tremolo-picked riffs, unremarkable vocals, nearly constant blasting with some midtempo bits for variety -- but it's a good, solid mix of evil majesty and ass-kicking brutality, and the production's claustrophobic and dirty, so who fucking cares? Not this guy.

Generally speaking, I don't listen to black metal in the morning, and I'd like my stupid blog to reflect that, so I'm making this a bonus nighttime post for all the other nocturnal black metal nerds.

Track listing:
1. Basements of Consciousness
2. Apotheosis of Insignificance
3. Break Out
4. Leaving
5. Depth of Idea
6. I Am Above All
7. I Have Become the Wind
8. Hor Min Sang

He is no longer a bird

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