Friday, January 30, 2015

Epheles - Les Anges de la Dernière Scène (1999)

Atmospheric, lo-fi French black metal. Cold guitars, drum machines, cheesy keyboards, and banshee vox. Though their albums are all good to great, this demo is arguably Epheles' finest hour. Maybe their grandiose vision actually benefits from a rawer approach; maybe they were simply writing more memorable material at the time. Whatever it is, Les Anges de la Dernière Scène feels like a classic.

Track listing:
1. My Darkest Empress
2. L'ombre du Passé
3. Divines Lamentations
4. Les Chants de la Peine
5. Les Anges de la Dernière Scène

Those divine laments covering our souls with blood


  1. gone but not forgotten, here we are requesting a re-up

  2. to be just a tape this is one ef the best KVLT damnation around.. A Must