Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wildhoney - Wildhoney (2013) + Seventeen Forever (2014)

Two sugary lil' slices of pop-y, upbeat shoegaze courtesy of Baltimore's own Wildhoney. Immersive, towering guitars, angelic vocals, and a peppy rhythm section that helps to give the band a fun, new wave-y undercurrent.

Track listing:
1. Like Me
2. My Disguise
3. Super Stupid
-Seventeen Forever-
1. Seventeen
2. Get Out of My Dreams
3. Soft Bats

Fall in

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  1. Goddamn. Wildhoney s/t 7" was my label's third release. You have no idea how much this blog has shaped my tastes in the last year-plus-- this is beyond an honor to see the EP featured here! A thousand thanks to you, dude.

    1. Hey, I just post what I like, thanks for putting out such a killer record and band, and for being cool with me posting it. Cheers!

    2. You bet, man, I am so glad you dig this. I unfortunately have to make this plug publicly since you don't list an email address here, but...all the stuff on the label is 100% free to download on Bandcamp. I know you liked a previous Nothing (Jason Walton, not the shoegaze band) release-- the tape reissue of his album The Grey Subaudible would almost certainly interest you. Ditto the neofolk record by A Heart in the Stillness. Anyway, hope you dig!

  2. Guitarist from wildhoney here, also huge fan of the blog, thank you so much for posting!!! Found so wonderful bosss nova and jazz gems here

    1. So glad to hear it. You're the one actually making these wonderful sounds, I'm just the nerd that's writing half-assed blurbs about them, so thank you!!