Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Draugar - From Which Hatred Grows (2003)

US lo-fi depressive black metal. Muddy keyboards, static-y guitars, muffled drums, and blown-out vocals. Total esoteric aural misery.

[EDIT: Whoops, forgot the link. Fixed.]

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Uncontrollable Despair
3. Born
4. Dust Chains Idiots
5. The Stab of Sunrise
6. Honor Is Ash
7. The Slow Spiral
8. Lonely Corners of Existence
9. Futile Menace - Outro

Shit reality

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  1. Since you seem to have a rather eclectic taste, just curious if you have anything by sunday valley? Thanks

  2. i would love to listen, but you forgot the link.
    thanks for this blog, man!

    1. Oopsy daisy, thanks for letting me know

  3. do you have "Dance with Death" by Andrew Hill?