Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spectral Tombs - Veins as Poisoned Streams (2012)

Epic US black metal. Three sprawling, dynamic songs from one of my all-time favorite Portland metal bands. Despite having worked as a booker for a (hellish) six-month period, I've only booked front-to-back maybe three shows in my goddamn life, and one of them was for Spectral Tombs, solely because I thought they were amazing and not enough people knew it.

Track listing:
1. Veins as Poisoned Streams
2. Succumb
3. Supremacy Unfurled

To burn away this plague

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  1. Hi, big fan of your blog, first time commenting. Thanks for all the awesome and varied music you've shared. My band Elisa Lam just released an album, if you're at all curious it's on youtube Feel free to share it, or not, either way keep up the great work man. Cheers.