Thursday, March 19, 2015

L'Acephale - Malefeasance (2009)

Malfeasance is an experimental outlier in L'Acephale's, normally an epic Pagan black metal band (from Portland, OR), discography. Though there are elements of black metal -- the tremolo-picked guitars in "A Burned Village", the vicious vocals on "From a Miserable Abode" -- outright metal is completely foregone in favor of dense, sample-heavy dark ambient, atmospheric neofolk, industrial noise, drone, and some terrifying hybrids. Though it might not be the 'best' introduction to L'Acephale, to date it's my favorite album of theirs, so that's what you get. Includes covers/interpretations of songs by Corrupted and Current 93.

Track listing:
1. Väinämöinen Nacht
2. Hitori Bon Odori
3. A Burned Village
4. From a Miserable Abode (Alt Mix)
5. Sleep Has His House
6. Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted

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