Monday, March 30, 2015

O.L.D. - The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak (1993) + Formula (1995)

By request, here are the final two O.L.D. albums, in which they completely abandon their grindcore roots in favor of supremely dark and bizarre industrial psychedelia. The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak is atmospheric, dense, and cacophonous, and somewhat resembles a psychedelic merging of Godflesh and Coil. Meanwhile, Formula contains comparatively very little in the way of actual "metal", consisting of a more fully electronic sound that's simultaneously disturbing and surprisingly beautiful -- check out the chiming "Under Glass". It should come as no surprise that I greatly prefer these records to their early material.

Track listing:
-The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak-
1. A Beginning
2. Two of Me (Parts One and Two)
3. Freak Now
4. Peri Cynthion
5. Happy Tantrum / Mutene Ang (Multitrack Improvisation)
6. Creyap'nilla
7. Glitch
8. Ebb
9. Backwards Through the Greedo Compressor
1. Last Look
2. Break (You)
3. Devolve
4. Under Glass
5. Thug
6. Rid
7. Amoeba

All must cease...
...What a shame

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  1. Thank you!!! Haven't heard these two in over a decade, thanks for making my day/week/month!!! What an underrated band, Lo Flux Tube is my favorite, but all four of their albums are amazing. -Britt

  2. I read some where that OLD - Formula was the worst selling album on earache, how true I don't know. But I love it after all this time.