Thursday, March 5, 2015

Verdunkeln - Verdunkeln (2005)

From Germany, Verdunkeln make cult, mid-paced, ritualistic black metal that doesn't sound quite like anything else I've heard. The drums plod along, the riffs repeat in elongated cycles, and the vocals hang overhead, saturated with delay, like a black cloud; once in a while, an echoing clean guitar melody pierces through the haze. I found Verdunkeln through their association with Ruins of Beverast mastermind Alexander von Meilenwald, who plays live guitars for them, and if there's anything certain in this world, it's that people who read blogs like this one love Ruins of Beverast.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Wechselbalg
3. Blutrunst
4. Einst War Es Mal...
5. Erlkoenigs Tochter
6. Schwarze Fährte
7. Trümmer
8. Trolltraum

White abyss

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  1. This is fucking amazing. Maybe my favourite black metal band. I would highly recommend all their 3 releases. I wish they released more music.