Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Acrimonious - Sunyata (2012)

Majestic Greek black metal. More traditional than that strangely amateurish, yet badass album art might have you expect, but plenty mesmerizing nonetheless. The double-kick and tremolo picking are more or less relentless, keeping the intensity ramped up even throughout the numerous, extended midtempo sections, while the vocals trade off between the expected rasps and a dramatic, hoarse shout. Really, though, the fluid interplay between the two guitars is the main attraction here.

Track listing:
1. Nexus Aosoth
2. Lykania Hekate
3. Adharma
4. Glory Crowned Son of the Thousand Petalled Lotus
5. The Hollow Wedjat
6. The Sloughed Scales of Separation
7. Vitalizing the Red-Purple in Ishet-Zunumium
8. Black Kundalini

Thine twisted shape bewilders, in constant flux and swirls
And the endlessness of the ocean conceals an unseen pearl
That shall engulf the seeker, like the moth within the flame
For the caller and the called was all but the same

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